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Chemical dependence devastates the health and well-being of the addict. As the addictive behavior worsens, the effects spread to family members, finances and career, until every aspect of an individual’s life often becomes affected. Without treatment at a facility like Drug Treatment Centers New Haven, continued substance abuse will contribute to deterioration in health and, in some cases, can end in death. The complexity of alcohol or drug abuse requires specialized care and treatment that only trained personnel at drug treatment facilities in New Haven can provide.

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Find the Road to Recovery

Getting sober does not simply mean abstaining from alcohol or the drug of choice. Recovery and sobriety require various phases of treatment and therapy that affect a client emotionally, physically and psychologically.  At Drug Treatment Centers in New Haven, they understand the complexities of addiction, and what it takes to get patients on the path to recovery.

Rarely can someone break the addiction cycle without proper professional intervention. Someone bound by chemical addiction may have begun the process as a recreational user. Life’s challenges, emotional or psychological issues may have influenced an individual to continue using alcohol or drugs as a means of providing an avenue of relief or escape. Chronically using a substance causes changes in the central nervous system, which then affects other body systems. The body comes to depend on receiving the substance on a regular basis in order to function.

Their goal is to assist chemically dependent clients in finding the knowledge and recovery tools needed to lead sober lives. While living in a safe, temptation-free environment, individuals do the work necessary to regain physical health and resolve the problems associated with emotional challenges or mental illness.

Staff members working at alcohol and drug rehab facilities understand the struggles involved in the recovery process and provide the medical and psychological support they need based on experience and specialized training.

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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

Drug treatment programs use a variety of techniques and offers a selection of amenities aimed at helping addicts overcome their problems. Educated and experienced counselors and medical professionals guide individuals toward recovery and sobriety through detox, counseling, and education in one convenient location.

The first step to having a long life, free from addiction, requires that the addict admits there is a problem. The next step involves making the effort to find help. Upon admittance into a facility, clients undergo an extensive evaluation, interviews, and assessments that determine overall physical health, the specifics concerning the addiction and discovery of possible underlying problems that contributed to the addictive behavior.

Simultaneously, the detoxification process begins. Medically-trained staff members are on hand to help clients deal with the symptoms of withdrawal that vary with each person. Once completed, clients undergo therapy designed to address their specific needs.

About New Haven, CT

Spanning 20.1 square miles and having 130,741 residents, New Haven remains the second largest city in the state. Located on the south-central border of Connecticut, the city is home to the renowned Yale University. New Haven’s colonial history dates back to 1638, when 500 Puritans purchased land here from the Quinnipiac Native Americans in return for protection from the Pequots.

New Haven offers something for everyone. History buffs might visit Yale where students offer tours of the campus daily. The university has the oldest college art museum in the country, and additionally, has a museum dedicated to musical instruments. The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library houses an original copy of the Gutenberg Bible. The Shore Line Trolley Museum provides the chance to ride on authentic cable cars. Outdoor enthusiasts find a large selection of parks in New Haven and along the coast.

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